20 February -19 March, 2013

No accommodation will be given to family members/companions of participants.


Contact UGC-ASC Nainital on following Phone No. or e-mail.

Final List of Selected Participants




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Apurba Jyoti Majumder


Silchar (Assam) 

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Babasaheb Tanaji Shinde


Ratnagiri (Maharashtra)

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Bharti Kureel


Varanasi (U.P.)

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Chetan Sudhakar Sonawane


Raigad (Maharashtra)

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Gopinath Shankar Khansole


Shiral (Maharashtra)

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Mahendra Singh Aswal


Hardwar (Uttarakhand)

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Nidhi Saxena


Lakshmangarh (Rajashthan)

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Nilesh Kailasrao Deshmukh


Nanded (Maharashtra)

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Nivedita Awasthi


Ramnagar  Nainital (Uttarakhand)

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Pradip Dattatray


Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

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Pravin Chandra, Dr

Mumbai (Maharashtra

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Rajesh Shridharrao Deshmoky


Parbhani (Maharashtra)

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Sushman Sharma


Patan (Gujarat)

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Vijaykumar  Laxman Chavan

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

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Balasaheb Janardhanrao

Hingoli (Maharashtra)

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Dhiraj Suresh Shinde


Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

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Govardhan Subhash Ubale


Kolhapur (Maharashtra) 

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Mahesh Pandurang Chougule


Solapur (Maharashtra)

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Mote Ramesh Sopan


Sangli (Maharashtra)

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Pawar Keshav Limbaji


Sangli (Maharashtra)

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Prakash Ganpat Kumbhar


Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

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Rajeshwar Madhavrao Duduknale


Nanded (Maharashtra)

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Santosh Dnyanobarao Kadam


Nanded (Maharashtra)

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Shahaji Shamrao Jadhav


Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

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Umeshraj Padamraj Paneru


Pune (Maharashtra)

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Vijay Ganeshrao Wagh


Hingoli (Maharashtra)

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Waghmare Anand Anna


Hingoli (Maharashtra)

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Yogesh Sambhajirao Nalwar


Hingoli (Maharashtra)

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Rani Shrirang Shinde


Satara (Maharashtra)