Black Amber: Legend, Hoax, or Genuine Treasure?


When the term "hardened resin" is mentioned, typical images might involve ochre-yellow, reddish, or brown hues. However, the reality of radiant gems spans a much richer palette, ranging from impeccably transparent and delicate white to a darkness deeper than obsidian. This article delves into the realm of these dark gems, exploring their origin, distinctive features, and intrinsic value. More materials about amber products are on web.

Кольє з позолотою та бурштином «Неріна»

The Genesis and Distinctiveness of Black Amber:

All golden gems fall under the category of mineral-organic compounds, a unique exception in traditional geological nomenclature that includes corals, pearls, bitumen, and ozokerite. Unlike rocks formed through simple physical and chemical processes, these solar stones are biogenic, stemming from the vital activities of living organisms. Specifically, black amber is the result of the resin from giant prehistoric Pinus succinifera pines, now extinct. These trees secreted copious amounts of viscous sap to fortify their trunks and branches. This sap, falling into the loose, moist soil saturated with ammonia, nitrate, and calcium, slowly solidified under the influence of pressure, time, and temperature. The process of replacing biological components with archaeological ones, also known as fossilization, took millions of years. Eventually, the flowing liquid transformed into a shimmering piece of precious fossil resin.

But how did black gems form? Their molecular composition is not vastly different from their normally colored counterparts, primarily consisting of carbon (about 78%), hydrogen (10%), and oxygen (11%). Additionally, volatile essential terpene oils, soluble and insoluble acids contribute to amber's distinct aroma, antiseptic qualities, and healing properties. However, impurities, particularly iron oxide and manganese dioxide, determine the intense dark shade. These substances are abundant in the wetlands of the north of Rivne, Volyn, and Zhytomyr regions in Ukraine, making the extracted hardened resin most likely naturally colored. It has practically no natural analogues, except for rare nuggets from the Dominican Republic that have absorbed volcanic dust.

According to their physical characteristics, black gems are stronger and more brilliant than orange-brown ones. On the Mohs scale (an index of relative hardness), the former receive 2.5-3 points, while the latter only scores 2-2.5. On fracture, dark amber resembles quartz, and in terms of density, it is close to jet - 1.05-1.1 g/cm³. Therefore, such hardened resin is easily polished, withstands mechanical stress well, and oxidizes more slowly in the open air.

In addition, domestic black stones often contain inclusions. These are particles of turf, moss, leaves, bark, wood, flowers, algae, and mushrooms that were once stuck in a sticky mass. Depending on how many such inclusions are inside the gem, it can be both "landscape" (interspersed with amazing contrasting patterns on a clear background) and impenetrably dark. Occasionally, archaeologists come across ancient insects, spiders, butterflies, small reptiles, and even chicks buried in amber - each of these finds is carefully documented and becomes an invaluable source of knowledge about past eras.

Pinus succinifera

Magical and Healing Properties of Dark Gems

The black color of ancient times was associated with secrets, wisdom, strength, and power. In Chinese culture, it symbolized wealth, insight, power, and the authority of the supreme ruler - it was not for nothing that ceremonial imperial robes were painted in this shade. In Japan, he personified experience and the desire for spiritual improvement, and in Indonesia - the cosmogonic balance and equilibrium of the universe. In many primitive civilizations, from South America to Oceania, darkness was the primordial cradle where life was born. But in Europe, such a tone was perceived dualistically - both as an emblem of humility and repentance, and as the darkness of paganism and debauchery.

With this in mind, black gems attracted all fans of the esoteric. It was claimed that such gems absorbed negative energy, protecting the owner from anxiety, evil spirits, and otherworldly demons, and instead filled a person with vigor, energy, and optimism. They became a kind of magical shield that protected against threats, troubles, calamities, and conflicts. In addition, dark amber helped everyone who was exhausted, discouraged, and depressed - comforted, soothed, endowed with perseverance, determination, enthusiasm, self-confidence, and the ability to achieve the desired goal at any cost. He sharpened intuition, suggested the right path, saved from fatal mistakes, and reckless actions.

And decorative interior accessories made of black hardened resin are a guarantee of well-being, coziness, wealth, safe and happy life. These household talismans were placed in a secret place to scare away envious people, robbers, and slanderers, or they were placed in plain sight - this is how they attracted finances and material wealth, established an atmosphere of joy, peace, mutual understanding in the family. Such amulets (for example, cufflinks, pens, or paperweights) were given to writers, businessmen, teachers, and civil servants - they promoted the free flight of imagination, inspired original projects, allowed instantly recognizing successful commercial deals, finding a common language with the audience, and building a successful career.

Jewelry made of black pebbles was in no less demand - necklaces, pendants, bracelets. They had to fit tightly to the body, warming up on the skin - then such things prolonged the youth of the owner, prevented diseases, smoothed out wrinkles, scars, and scars, emphasized innate beauty, attracted suitors, facilitated the conception of a child, pregnancy, and childbirth. It is interesting that this belief has a scientific basis: radio-electronic analysis and computer scanning showed that the dark gems have an increased content of iodine, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, and selenium - and therefore, they have a positive effect on your immunity, mental state, endocrine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and reproductive systems.

Бурштинова кулькова ручка

How to Wear Jewelry with Exclusive Precious Stones

Black amber is a universal accessory that will match any wardrobe, from a luxurious evening to an office-business one. It will elegantly shade bright outfits, harmoniously complement monochrome ones, and become a creative touch in pastel ones. And modern fashion offers many relevant designs - minimalist, classic, geometric, "boho," streetwear, and casual - among which you will easily find your ideal. These durable, stylish, and high-quality products will suit both brunettes and brown-haired women, as well as blondes, so you will not have to worry about changing your image - and such things will always be a welcome surprise for friends, relatives, and colleagues.

However, when choosing jewelry, it is still worth following a few simple rules - they will save you from an excessively lush, boring, or old-fashioned image. Here are these recommendations:

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