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4. QUEST Journal of UGC-ASC Nainital

        ISSN NO.0974-5041

We are inviting research papers/ articles for QUEST. We are publishing an annual interdisciplinary journal of the Social Sciences & Humanities QUEST (HINDI) in November and QUEST (ENGLISH) in February. It is hoped this journal will provide an open forum for publication of quality research work in Hindi and English. Send two typed copies and one soft copy (CD) to the following

All manuscripts must be submitted to:

The Director

UGC-ASC Nainital

The Hermitage,

Kumaun University Nainital, 263001

Uttarakhand (India)

E-mail: For sending soft copy and correspondence

For English   : quest.nainital@ gmail.com

For Hindi      :

The last date for receipt of papers for QUEST is  as follows:

QUEST (2011) fgUnh / HINDI   -    31st August 2011

QUEST (2012) ENGLISH          -  1st February 2012  


QUEST- The Journal of UGC-ASC Nainital     (ISSN NO.0974-5041)

QUEST was launched to give concrete shape to the vision of the ASC to involve itself in the pursuit of excellence in higher education. The bi-annual journal provides an open forum for publication of quality research work in Hindi and English. QUEST is a peer reviewed inter-disciplinary journal which is published both in English and Hindi. The journal is online at indianjournals.com.

We invite research papers, review articles, and book reviews for QUEST. All manuscripts must be submitted to:

The Director
UGC-ASC, Nainital
The Hermitage,
Kumaun University, Nainital, 263001
Uttarakhand (India)


For English   : quest.nainital@ gmail.com

For Hindi      :


Author's Guidelines:  


(a)     The manuscripts should normally not exceed 6000 words including References and Footnotes.

(b)     Font for English: Times New Roman, Size 11, Double Line space

(c)     The cover page of the article should contain: (i) Title of the article (in bold) (ii) Name(s) of authors (iii) Professional affiliation (iv) Address of correspondence and Email. Kindly note the authors name should not be mentioned in any other page.

(d)     The second page should contain (i) title of the article (Time New Romans 16, in bold) (ii) an abstract of the paper in about 200-250 words (Times Roman 12-point type, single spacing, in italics) that clearly includes the purpose and significance, design/methodology/approach, findings, research limitations/implications, practical implications.(iii) keywords should be provided which encapsulate the principal topics of the paper(3-5 key words).

(e)      All Figures (charts, diagrams and line drawings) and Plates (photographic images) should be submitted in electronic form. They should be of clear quality, in black and white and numbered consecutively.

(f)      Tables should be typed and included as part of the manuscript. They should not be submitted as graphic elements.

(g)      Mathematical expressions, figures and charts should be presented in a way that will be easily printable. Tables and diagrams should be numbered consecutively and included in the text. Source must be mentioned below the table.

(h)      Please check your manuscript for clarity, grammar, spellings, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.

(i)       Authors must follow the Harvard Style of referencing, with author, date, page to be cited in main body of text in parentheses and list of references to be cited at end of main text .References must be given in alphabetical order (surname first)and typed on a separate page, single-spaced, at the end of the paper.  The following format should be used for referring books, articles in journals, electronic documents etc in the list of references:

Journal article

Bekaert, G., Harvey, C.R. and Lundblad, C. (2007) ‘Liquidity and expected returns: lessons from emerging markets’, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 20, pp.1783–1831.


BGeddes, K.O., Czapor, S.R., Labahn, G. (1992): Algorithms for Computer Algebra. Kluwer Publishing, Boston

Online Document

Cartwright, J.: Big stars have weather too.IOP Publishing Physics Web. http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/11/6/16/1 (2007). Accessed 26 June 2007


(j)Footnotes: Used as sparingly as possible, should be numbered consecutively and will be listed at the bottom of the page.


 (k)The editorial team has the right to modify or edit the work in order to match the standard and style requirement of the journal.

Editorial Procedure

The Editors reserve the right to reject/ return to the author(s) any manuscript that in their opinion is not suitable for publication in QUEST, without expressly stipulating the reasons for doing so. Under no circumstances will the identity of the reviewer(s) and referee(s) be disclosed to the author(s) or to any other third party not involved in the editorial process.

Review process

Each submission to QUEST shall be subject to following review process:

·         First,it is reviewed by the editor and/or editorial committee for general suitability for publication.

·         If it is considered suitable, two expert peer reviewers are selected and a double blind review takes place.

·         Based on the recommendations of the reviewers a decision is taken as to whether the article is accepted as it is/returned for revision/rejected.

·         Correspondence and proofs for correction will be sent to the first author unless otherwise specified. The article will be published after receipt of the corrected proofs from the authors if and when it found that they have been revised as desired by referees.


All copyrights are with QUEST. The authors are accountable for copyright permission for any part of the content of their articles. The views expressed in the articles of this journal are those of authors and do not reflect the opinion of the Institute. The authors are required to sign the “Copy Right Form” before article is published in the journal.

Submission Instructions


·          QUEST is an inter-disciplinary journal of the social sciences and humanities. The journal invites original submissions from across the social sciences, humanities and even those research writings from the sciences which relate to socio-political, economic and cultural issues, relevant from the social engineering point of view.


·         Research Papers must be adequately structured. They must include introduction, including brief review of related literature, findings/results, discussion of results and a conclusion.

·         Books reviews: In addition to the publication details of such books, the body of review should highlight objectives and/or overview of the contents of the book; and attributes, achievements and limitations of the book. The review must summarize for whom the book is suitable and for what purposes. Publishers may also send two copies of a publication for getting the book reviewed by UGC-Academic Staff College, Kumaun University, Nainital.

·         Typed manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate (02 copies) along with a CD copy of the document to:


The Editor


UGC-ASC,Kumaun University

The Hermitage, Nainital,

Uttarakhand (India) 263 001


·         You may write to us at any queries.

5. Every interdisciplinary Refresher Course will be equivalent to the Refresher Course in the subject/discipline of the participant.

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