Prof. B.L. Sah
UGC-Academic Staff College
Kumaun University









“The Future belongs to those who can be trained and retrained again and again.” Daniel Burns.


The 21st century has come to be known as the age of information. In this globalized era, the teachers of higher learning are required to be thorough professionals fully equipped with excellent academic standards and pedagogical tools. Any pursuit called ‘teaching’ or ‘learning’ has to necessarily keep pace with the constant flow of information and growth of knowledge. The quality of teaching to a great extent depends on updating the knowledge base and outlook of the teachers at regular intervals. The UGC-ASC by organizing various courses seek to aid academic development of the teachers concerned from time to time for ensuring quality education.






The UGC-ASC, Kumaun University, Nainital shares the vision of making quality the defining element of higher education in India.
It is envisaged that the College will engage not only in its primary task of training of teachers of higher education institutions, but will also undertake varied innovative extension activities in the academic arena. The UGC-ASC Nainital is the first Academic Staff College in the state of Uttarakhand and is to play a leading role in the pursuit of excellence in higher education in the region. The overall vision is to make the Academic Staff College a centre for academic activity that will also contribute to the development of this Himalayan region. You can see the examples of our texts at the site of our letter of recommendation writing service.


The UGC-Academic Staff College, Kumaun University, Nainital is committed to providing quality training to the teachers of higher education. The teaching and non-teaching staff continuously strives to provide a stimulating academic environment for the participants. Its mission includes: